Friday, May 1, 2009

The Fairness Doctrine

Obama has stated his opposition to the Fairness Doctrine, but some of his Democratic allies firmly support the measure.” Right–”let the other guys do the dirty work while I look cool and fair.”

Notice how when its a populist issue he’s all clear, but when it may not be popular he sends his minions to do it and plays the opposite high ground? Look at the torture pics–they’ll still come out but now he’s “against it” since he has to distance himself politically because of the obvious backlash and bad effects it’s going to have. The consummate politician–all while he so eloquently promised the end of partisan politics and the beginning of transparency blah blah. This guy and this whole administration is a venomous, lying snake, and dumbed-down America plays with him like he’s a cute puppy. No wonder every picture we see of Soros he’s smiling.

As everybody knows, what he’s stated has nothing to do with what he’s going to try to push down our throats. Bait and switch, straw men, distraction and diversion, he does it all. “OOOOO I like to dance a little side step…

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